• Product Information

    Product Information

    Waterproof micro switches are widely applied in wet environment. The protection degree reaches IP67. They are widely used in home appliances, machines. Our factory provide different kinds of waterproof micro switches with different sizes. Lead wire can be customized by requirement.
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  • Electronica Munich

    Electronica Munich

    Electronica Munich is one of the largest worldwide events for Electronics, Components, Systems and Applications. Join the entire electronics universe at a single location. We exhibit our micro switch, limit switch, foot switch and toggle switch there. Our products attract the attention of many vi...
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  • Updated official website

    Updated official website

    In order to serve our customers better, our official website ( has been updated. The product information is more comprehensive.  Customer service staff are online in real time to provide solution to customer.
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  • The common types of switches using for electronic manufacturing

    The common types of switches using for electronic manufacturing

    If you are interested in finding out more about microswitches, you are on the right page. In this article, we are going to take a look into different types of micro switches. This will help you opt for the right unit to meet your project needs. This article will give you a deeper insight into 6 t...
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  • The Top Advantages Of Micro Switches You Should Know In Manufacturing

    The introduction of micro switches in the world of electronic devices and appliances was a revolution. If you are a manufacturer of electrical appliances, you can stay ahead of the competition using micro switches. The reason is that the devices offer a lot of advantages. In this article, we are ...
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  • The Fundamentals Of Micro Switches You Should Know Before Production

    You may have seen micro switches in different types of devices, but you may not know the full name of this product. The term micro switch refers to a miniature snap-action switch. The name is given because this type of switch requires a small amount of force to activate. In this article, we are g...
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