Overview of the micro switch industry

Micro switch is a switch with tiny contact interval and snap action mechanism. Thereby, the function of controlling the on-off of the circuit is realized. The micro switch has the characteristics of small electrical contact distance, fast action structure, high sensitivity, etc. Since its inception, it has been continuously developed to meet various application requirements. The early micro switches have a small range of current and voltage that can be interrupted, and have short mechanical life and poor quality stability. They cannot adapt to special environments such as high temperature, high pressure, humidity, water spray, vibration, etc. scope of application.

Therefore, the mid-to-high-end market in the micro switch industry requires micro switch companies to continuously increase R&D investment for process improvement and research on new materials, thereby broadening the applicable field of micro switches. The main directions of improvement and research include: ① Committed to improving the durability and safety of products and prolonging the service life of products; ②By improving the characteristics of high temperature, high pressure, humidity, water spray, vibration and other characteristics of products, to adapt to special working environments, and constantly expand the application field of micro switches ; ③ Widen the range of rated parameters applicable to the micro switch, such as increasing the rated current and voltage, so that the micro switch can work in a higher current and voltage environment, or can work under a small current and voltage.

Post time: Jul-26-2022