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  • Wide range of limit switches

    The stroke switch is mainly used to convert mechanical displacement into an electrical signal, so that the operating state of the motor can be changed, so as to control the mechanical action or used as a program control. The real use of the stroke switch is in industry, where it works with other ...
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  • Where can micro switches be used?

    Where can micro switches be used?

    Although the micro switch is not big, it plays an irreplaceable role in our daily life, and completes automatic control and safety maintenance in facilities where the power circuit must be replaced frequently. At this stage, it has been widely used in electronic products, instrumentation equipmen...
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  • How much do you know about micro switches?

    How much do you know about micro switches?

    As we attach more importance to intelligent life. Security daily life issues, household anti-theft locks from traditional mechanical combination locks to smart locks, smart locks are different from traditional mechanical combination locks and are reliable. The internal structure of the smart lock...
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  • How deep should the lightning rod be installed? Introduction of lightning rod

    How deep should the lightning rod be installed? Introduction of lightning rod

    In the usual rainy days, there will be thunder and lightning, especially the thunder is especially loud. Therefore, some people are more concerned about this aspect, and they will install lightning rods at home. Therefore, even if there is thunder, there is no need to worry about the house at hom...
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  • Button switch principle, revealing the working mode of button switch

    A push button switch is a switch that uses a button to facilitate the opening or disconnection of the dynamic contact point and the static data contact point of the equipment transmission mechanism, and then completes the replacement of the power circuit according to this. Therefore, by fully gra...
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  • Product Information

    Product Information

    Waterproof micro switches are widely applied in wet environment. The protection degree reaches IP67. They are widely used in home appliances, machines. Our factory provide different kinds of waterproof micro switches with different sizes. Lead wire can be customized by requirement.
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  • Electronica Munich

    Electronica Munich

    Electronica Munich is one of the largest worldwide events for Electronics, Components, Systems and Applications. Join the entire electronics universe at a single location. We exhibit our micro switch, limit switch, foot switch and toggle switch there. Our products attract the attention of many vi...
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  • Updated official website

    Updated official website

    In order to serve our customers better, our official website ( has been updated. The product information is more comprehensive.  Customer service staff are online in real time to provide solution to customer.
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