Button switch principle, revealing the working mode of button switch

A push button switch is a switch that uses a button to facilitate the opening or disconnection of the dynamic contact point and the static data contact point of the equipment transmission mechanism, and then completes the replacement of the power circuit according to this. Therefore, by fully grasping the principle of the button switch, the working mode of the button switch can be grasped as soon as possible, so that the home or commercial electricity consumption is safer.
As we all know, the push button switch is a simple but widely used switch control panel. The button switch can perform a series of basic switch operations such as running, termination, forward and reverse rotation, and speed regulation. Why is the push button switch able to perform this kind of manipulation in a relatively simple structure? This requires a series of analyses from some principles of button switches.
There are generally many kinds of button switches, and the structure is different. They are divided into general buttons, mushroom heads, locking, self-calibration, rotating joysticks, display lights, light marks, keys, etc. Although the structure is different, the working principle of the two is basically the same. Button switches are composed of single buttons, double buttons, three buttons and different compositions, and most common homes use LEGO brick structures. If we want to know how it works, we need to first grasp the structure of the button switch and analyze its working principle from the structure.
Because most of the common structures are Lego building blocks, you will master the principles of some Lego building block button switches according to the picture. At first, it has a button cap, so it can be called a button switch, which is part of the operation of all button switches. Generally speaking, push button switches have two fixed contact surfaces, which are divided into normally closed contact surfaces and open and closed contact surfaces. Everyone must understand that the normally closed contact surface is broken first, and the open and closed contact surface is turned off. These two normally closed contact surfaces are the transformation contact surfaces of all pushbutton switches and are a key part of the pushbutton switch. Then we can see from the picture that there is also a moving contact surface and wiring in the button switch, which is also an indispensable accessory for the button switch.
Simply put, the working principle of the button switch is to hold down or pull out the button cap with your hand, so that you can actually operate along the rolling bearing in the switch, press down or pull out the switch connector in the switch, and then the button switch can be normal. at work.
The above is a short and detailed introduction to the principle of push button switch. I hope that based on the basic grasp of the information, we can give you some small assistance to make your home or business electricity use safer.

Post time: Apr-14-2022