How much do you know about micro switches?

As we attach more importance to intelligent life. Security daily life issues, household anti-theft locks from traditional mechanical combination locks to smart locks, smart locks are different from traditional mechanical combination locks and are reliable. The internal structure of the smart lock has dozens of components, in which the micro switch is one of the key components. The micro switch is used to test the lock tongue of the smart lock, and the feedback data signal is transmitted to the IC to control the motor. This article will take you to master the basic principle of the micro switch. .
1. Small size but can switch a large amount of current.
Generally, when an electronic circuit is turned off, a flame called an arc forms in the middle of the connector. The larger the current, the easier it is to cause arcs, the slower the efficiency of the conversion joint, and the longer the arc lasts, which is also the factor that causes the joint to deteriorate. The speed structure of the micro switch can directly convert the connector, so the duration of the electric isolation is short and the size is small, but it can be used in a power supply circuit with a relatively large amount of current.
2. High precision
Even if the microswitch is constantly on/off, the connector can be changed in almost the same place. Therefore, the part inspection deviation is small, and it is suitable for the purpose of specifying high precision. This is also the unique advantage of snap-action microswitches.
Features of Micro Switches.
3. Durability
Because the arc duration is short, the contact damage is small, and the durability is gradually improved.
4. Touch and sound.
Snap-acting tissue has a distinctive touch and sound that can be determined by touch and touch.
Characteristics of small and medium-sized microswitches.
1. Extra small. Light. High precision.
2.m2mm type can be used with universal small screws.
3. Select the structure that produces terminals and standard spacing at the same time, so that solder wire and flux paste cannot invade the internal structure of the switch.
4. There is also a small output power power supply circuit (au insulation layer contact point) that is most suitable for small current and voltage loads.
5. Independent terminal, which is conducive to assembling on the packaging printed board. Compared with the 1.2~1.6mm printed board, the switch behavior is independent.
6. There are also the right corner terminal and left corner terminal series products of the packaging printed board.

Post time: Apr-25-2022