The purpose of the travel switch

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There are many applications of the travel switch, and it is found in many electrical appliances. So what can such a simple switch do? It mainly plays the role of chain protection. The most common example is its use in washing machines and tape recorders (video recorders).
During the dehydration (drying) process of the washing machine, the rotation speed is very high. If someone accidentally opens the door or cover of the washing machine and then puts his hand in it, it is easy to cause harm to people. An electrical contact is installed on the door or cover of the washing machine. Once someone opens the door or cover of the washing machine, the motor will be automatically cut off, and even mechanically linked, so that the door or cover will be “brake” immediately when it is opened, and it will be forced to rotate. stop the parts to avoid personal injury.
In tape recorders and VCRs, we often use fast forward or rewind, where the tape rotates rapidly, but stops automatically when it reaches the end of the tape. Here again the travel switch comes into play, this time not by a bump but by a sudden increase in the tension of the tape.
The travel switch is mainly used to convert the mechanical displacement into an electrical signal, so that the running state of the motor can be changed, so as to control the mechanical action or be used for program control.
The real use of the travel switch is in industry, where it cooperates with other equipment to form more complex automation equipment.
There are many such travel switches on the machine tool, which are used to control the travel of the workpiece movement or automatic tool feed to avoid collision accidents. Sometimes the travel switch is used to automatically reverse the direction of the controlled object between the two specified positions, so as to obtain continuous reciprocating motion. For example, when the trolley that automatically transports the material reaches the end, it touches the travel switch and turns on the overturning mechanism, and the material in the car is turned over and returned to the starting point. After reaching the starting point, it touches the travel switch at the starting point, turns on the circuit of the loading mechanism, and starts automatic loading. If it goes on like this, it becomes an automatic production line, which does not need human supervision, and works around the clock, saving people’s manual labor.5110 2

Post time: Sep-02-2022